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Joining Rules

  1. One account per person.

  2. If you make an error when you sign up, I will inform you.

  3. You must have America Online to join, this is for battling reasons.

Mobile Suit Rules

  1. When you sign up you get to add 50 points to any of your stats.

  2. There are two ways to increase your stats after you sign up.

  3. One is to buy the ready made upgrades, the other is to visit one of the upgrade facilities located throughout the planet and in outer space.  There are more rules on this later in the section.

Equipment Rules

  1. You can have a certain amount of equipment on your Mobile Suit at a time, these are divided into slots.  The slots are as follows

  2. Three body slots

  3. Two hand slots

  4. One storage slot

  5. Most weapons only have one slot that they can go in, however a few of the close combat weapons can go in either your hand or in the storage slot.

Traveling Rules

  1. A normal mobile suit cannot leave the continent that it starts on except to go to a continent that is connected.  Europe can go to Asia and vice versa, and North America can go to South America and vice versa.  It will get there the same day.

  2. A mobile suit with the Aero Upgrade may travel anywhere on the Earth in 1 days time.

  3. A mobile suit with the Vacuum Seal Upgrade may travel anywhere in space in 2 days.

Factions Rules

  1. Your faction is who you work for, sometimes you will receive orders from your factions leader to attack a base or destroy enemy MS.

  2. You are stuck with the faction you join in the beginning, no changing sides!  So be sure you choose wisely.

  3. You will get paid $100 a week by your faction, pay days are on Fridays.

Battling Rules

  1. We battle in AOL chat rooms.

  2. To roll dice: //roll-diceXsidesX, replace the X's with the proper numbers.  When you roll for one of your abilities, roll 3 dice with the sides being the skill value.

  3. To battle someone, you need to e-mail me and say that you want to challenge the person.  I will then e-mail both participants to inform them of the battle.

  4. But, you must be at the same location as the person that you want to battle.

  5. Battles are turn based, the person who goes first is the one with the highest speed.

  6. To attack someone roll your Fighting/Weapons against their speed.  If you hit them then you get a chance to do damage, for this roll your Power against their armor.  This process repeats for the other person.