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First of all please read the rules.  Then choose what MS type you want from down at the bottom of this page and decide whether you want to start with a Beam Rifle or a Machine Gun.  Now, here comes the complicated part, all MS start with stats of 100 in each Fighting, Weapons, Speed, Power, and Armored abilities.  You get to add 50 points (in increments of 5) to any of these stats.  Finally, send an e-mail to: with the following:

  1. Your pilot name

  2. Your MS name (please be original)

  3. MS Type

  4. Stats you came up with

  5. Starting equipment (Beam Rifle or a Machine Gun)

  6. Faction you want to join (UESA, OZ, White Fang, or Maganac Corps)

  7. Location you want to start at (North America, Africa, Europe)

MS Types